Screen Galle -

Screen Galle,
Sri Lanka

During the last few years, Sri Lanka has shown very impressive growth in international screen productions. The growing popularity of the country, together with the thriving film industry made us realize that there’s a major opportunity to create a website promoting its unusual locations. The town of Galle is a mixture of a European town in a tropical place.

Our project aimed to bring to the forefront the unique colonial locations that would not only enchant producers, directors, and location managers but also present the diversity of sites. Essentially, the aim was to reposition Galle as an Asian film destination with Europe-like locations. We created a catalog of film locations that includes a gallery of the most various corners of the town and we advertised it to the film industry as a film-friendly place.

Date: 2020
Country: Sri Lanka
Type: Film Organisation
Level: Town
Work: Website