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Total economic impact of global Screen Production in 2019
$ 0 B
Weekly spend of an example major film during 16-week shoot
$ 0 M
global screen content production rising from 2018-2019
0 %
production costs spent in other business sectors
0 %
Explore the tourism effects of film and TV production

Screen industries are booming worldwide.

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Would you like to attract film & TV projects to your locations?

We already know that film & TV projects have a direct correlation to tourism numbers, but what are some of the additional benefits? When your destination takes part in a successful film project, there is a certain level of prestige that comes with it. It’s a sentiment that translates into a stronger economy, enhanced respect for local traditions and an overall greater national pride felt by everyone. The global film industry brings opportunity and inspiration wherever it goes. Why not bring it to your front door.

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Are you maximising all your soft power assets to lift you destinations profile?

Screen production means filming video content such as feature films and documentaries, TV series and reality shows, TV advertising, music videos. 

Screen tourism, or film tourism, is a location that becomes popular with visitors because it has appeared in a film or television series.

The ‘power of attraction’ induced by intangible resources that help a nation, region, city, town or individual location achieve its interests by influencing the preferences of others.