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Become a sustainable filming destination

We advise destinations on how to create green infrastructure for film production (script to screen) and how to define sustainability goals. We work with clients to implement best practices as well as measuring their progress.

sustainable filming

Eco responsibility brings a competitive edge. A destination offering environmental film friendly solutions is an additional selling point for attracting producers, directors, production companies and studios to your destination.

Green Film Production -

Meet Birgit Heidsiek

Birgit Heidsiek is an award-winning sustainability consultant, author, and founder of the European Centre for Sustainability in the Media World, which informs creative professionals of the latest developments in eco-friendly methods of film and media production. This includes not only the production of feature films and TV series, but also the energy efficiency of cinemas as well as of broadcast technology.

With Green Film Shooting magazine and numerous Green Reports, Birgit has created a comprehensive overview of sustainable activities within the European film and media industry. Birgit is a well-known lecturer at universities, TED speaker, and panel host at international film festivals throughout Europe. A graduate in Political Science, she also teaches courses at the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Technical Journalism Departments of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, where she is a member of the faculty.

Birgit is the author of The Green Cinema Handbook, published by the German Federal Film Fund (FFA). As the FFA Green Cinema Consultant, she advises exhibitors on the sustainable operation of their movie theaters.


Build new eco infrastructure and local production industry support

Becoming climate neutral and implementing a zero-waste policy requires the ability to face challenges and to develop practical and affordable solutions. We provide integrated sustainability management strategies, action plans, and guidelines for your destination as well as training seminars, workshops, and communications campaigns.

Green Production Workshops For Your Local Film Industry​

Educating suppliers and the workforce is the most effective way to ensure that sustainable practices are integrated into the routine practices of the entertainment industry.

We aim to empower participants by providing them with the know-how to reduce their environmental impact in the motion picture industry as well as to work and live more sustainably.

Green Film Production -

We'd love to help you become green film friendly destination.