EUFCN Location Award 2020 finalists

The European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) launched the fourth EUFCN Location Award by announcing the names of the 5 locations vying for the year’s best European film location.

The five finalists participate in a general public vote to be named the best European film location. The European film commission network has released a shortlist from Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, and Northern Macedonia. 

The winner of the EUFCN Location Award 2020 will be named during the European Film Market’s 2021 edition.

The finalists are:

Banská Štiavnica for Dracula – Slovak Film Commission (SLOVAKIA)
Lake Resia near Curon for Curon – IDM Südtirol Alto Adige Film Commission(ITALY)
Moritzburg Castle for Charlie’s Angels – MDM Film Commission (Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH)(GERMANY)
Pažaislis Church and Monastery Complex for Catherine the Great – Kaunas Film Office (LITHUANIA)
Prilep Area for Vrba (Willow) – North Macedonia Film Agency (NORTH MACEDONIA)

Slovak Film Commission – Banska Stiavnica for Dracula (SLOVAKIA)

Banska Stiavnica is one of the favorite filmmakers’ cities in Slovakia. The famous Slovak-Czech film The Third Miracle (1999) was filmed here. The historic center became part of Polnočná Omša (Midnight Mass, 1962), which presented the Slovak State atmosphere with Slovak actor Jozef Kroner. 

Netflix and BBC producers selected that extraordinary town to become a set of a new TV series, Dracula. Starý Zámok turned into the main Dracula´s castl. It is a fortification from the 15th century that now serves as the Slovak Mining Museum.  The historical downtown of Banská Štiavnica appeared in the series as well.

EUFCN Location Award 2020 finalists - General

Lake Resia near Curon for Curon – Alto Adige Film Commission- IDM South Tyrol (ITALY)

Situated in South Tyrol, Italy, a few kilometers from the Austrian frontier, this fascinating and mysterious filming location is called Curon, hence the series name. Three natural lakes in Curon/Graun were joined together in 1950 to create a hydroelectric reservoir. As a result, the Graun/mountain Curon’s village was underwater.

Netflix series writers were inspired by the compelling location and local traditions to develop their supernatural fictional story. Haunting mysteries are lurking under a quiet façade, as evoked by the surreal church tower amidst Lake Resia.

EUFCN Location Award 2020 finalists - General

Castle Moritzburg – MDM Film Commission for Charlie’s Angels (GERMANY)

Looking at the baroque beauty of Moritzburg Castle with its lush garden, surrounding pond, beautiful architecture, and well-preserved historic interior, you’d rather expect it to host the set of a fairytale movie or piece of an age. The baroque building provided the setting for Charlie’s Angels.

The Saxon castle serves as Alexander Brok’s wealthy holiday home in France’s Chamonix-Mont-Blanc ski resort, where Brok enjoys his annual Vision Party. 

Epic battle scenes between the angels and their nemeses are surrounded by a large array of historic red deer antlers, crystal chandeliers, and walls full of 17th-century leather tapestries with monumental figurative paintings that contrast beautifully with the ultramodern party scenes. 

The film production took place over 10 days in 2018, primarily in Dining Hall (Speisesaal) and Monstrosities Hall (Monstroesensaal).

The Church of Pazaislis and the Monastery Complex – Kaunas Film Bureau (LITHUANIA)

The monastery’s amazing history, lasting more than three centuries, is marked by various spiritual traditions, wars, fires, and destruction. Currently, the Church and Monastery Complex of Pazaislis belongs to St. Casimir’s Sisters. In 2011, the Monastery established the Sacred Heritage Museum.

Some HBO and Sky miniseries scenes of Catherine the Great were filmed in this magnificent location. The production turned Pazaislis Church into an Orthodox church, and parts of the monastery became barracks of guards and even a morgue. 

The ensemble’s uniqueness contributed to the sense of authenticity in depicting the splendid, opulent reign of one of history’s most powerful monarchs.

Vrba Prilep Location (Willow) – Film Agency of Northern Macedonia (NORTH MACEDONIA)

Milcho Manchevski (‘Before the Rain’) came back to his country, North Macedonia where he filmed a trio of tales about couples who would like to have children “Willow”. The action of the movie is set in the Middle Ages and was shoot around the city of Prilep. 

Best EUFCN Location Award 2020 winner will be decided by the general vote and announced during European Film Market in at the beginning of March 2021.

Info by EUFCN / Destinations Rising

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